What I Ate Wednesday #1

I happen to discover the blog Peas and Crayons the other day while search the web for who knows what. I don’t really remember since all my online time lately has been focused on a summer chemistry course I’m taking. I usually take a stroll around the web once my brain cells begin to melt from working on school related work.

It seems I’m not the only nutrition major that enjoys checking out what other people are eating. Peas and Crayons features a weekly blog party called What I Ate Wednesday. Other bloggers are invited to post links to their own sites where they have posted what they have eaten for a day. To me it’s interesting to see what others eat. Why? Curiosity I guess. Sometimes you just get in a rut of making the same things over and over again. Then you spot an interesting picture or a recipe that has been posted and it sparks a bit of creativity. Many of the pictures are great so don’t check them out if your hungry. Wish I could say the same about my own. My camera could use a good updating which would help to improve my pictures. It’s almost scary to think that the camera is almost as old as my youngest daughter. She’s 11……yikes!

I thought I would join in the fun and post my own What I Ate Wednesday post. Here’s a picture but there are a few items missing:


Breakfast included a fried egg with some of the kale, onions and peppers I previously made. Also a slice of bacon. How no one managed to find the last piece in the refrigerator I will never understand. But they missed it so it was mine all mine! Missing is the cup of coffee I had. Being alert through 5 hours or more of chemistry class is important.

Lunch is actually the last picture. It was a salad with mixed salad greens, shredded carrots, red peppers and diced steak. The juice bottle actually has about 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk. I brought roasted red pepper hummus and red pepper strips but didn’t eat them.

Not shown is  CLICK Espresso Protein Drink. Since I have reactive hypoglycemia grabbing something quick to snack on that won’t crash my blood sugar isn’t easy when your away from home. Finding stuff that won’t get soft, mushy or funky while sitting in the hot classroom is another issue. Most of the stuff you find in the school’s coffee shop or vending machines (think candy, chips, muffins, cookies, etc) would only briefly help before causing another crash. I picked up some of this protein powder to use while at school for so many hours. I leave at 7:30 am and don’t return home until 5-ish. Bonus points for the fact that it’s made with coffee to stop the late afternoon brain droop. Sorry but chemistry makes me want to nap.

Supper included a slice of Greek style pizza (fresh basil, tomato slices, olives and feta cheese). I also had the hummus and red pepper strips from lunch. Missing from the picture is a cheese stick and a cup of tea.

Looks like this month has a theme:

Hmmm….fitness.  That’s not looking too good right now unless constantly lifting a 5 lb chemistry book and walking on campus (up the big hill, down the big hill) repeatedly counts for something. If not, then I’m currently out of luck. Guess that could use some improvement.

So that’s my entry for What I Ate Wednesday….which was actually a Tuesday LOL.

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