Weekend Cookup 1

In the past I tried a variety of freezer cooking, once a month cooking or even doubling/tripling a batch of something cooking. There were some winners but many of them didn’t work for my family. I have a family of leftover haters. Leftovers are what you basically get when you cook an entire meal, freeze it and then reheat it when your short on time. I grew up having leftovers on a regular basis. My husband however is one of six children. Needless to say there was no such thing as leftovers in his house. Someone always eat them before they had a chance to earn the status of “leftover”.

Now I spend my time cutting, chopping, marinating, baking and partially cooking meals. To get some idea of what I’m talking about here’s this weekends cookup:

Started out by shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. Items purchased included fruit for snacking (grapes, watermelon, several types of apples, strawberries, plums and nectarines). I also got lemons and limes so they could be zested and squeezed for several recipes. For now they are patiently waiting in the refrigerator. When I zest one I will zest them all and freeze whatever I don’t use. My husband decided he wanted stuff jalapenos so I got a bunch of those. He deseeded these himself and cooked them on the grill. Of course he wore gloves while doing it and reminded me about my jalapeno fiasco. Ha Ha Ha 🙁

Other items included leeks for soup, red peppers (for salads), several fresh herbs (salad dressing), tomatoes, avocados and potatoes.

Before I went to get the fruit and veggies I stopped by the local grocery store for a few items. Several for tonights dinner – taco pie with chorizo.

Prepped by not cooked:

12 lbs of chicken breast. Separated into freezer bags. Depending upon their size each bag usually holds 2 to 3 breasts. Just enough for a meal without the dreaded leftovers.

Red peppers: seeded and cut into slices to use in salads and dipped into hummus

Strawberries: washed, dehulled and cut into pieces for the kids to snack on.

Dishes made included:

Black bean and pumpkin soup – with black beans cooked in the crockpt on Friday. Recipe to be posted soon. We had some soup for lunch, a container was filled and added to the freezer. The remainder will be eaten during the week.

Pumpkin Streusel Muffins – made with the pumpkin used in the soup. Some were packaged in freezer bags and frozen. The remainder will be eaten during the week.

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Muffins – made with a great low carb baking mix (recipe coming soon). Some frozen and the remainder in the refrigerator for the coming week.

Apple Quinoa Cake – made with extra quinoa that was made for the Butter Chicken. Incredibly delicious (another recipe coming soon). Some packaged for the freezer and the rest to eat.

Dinner tonight is the taco pie with chorizo. While the pie itself would NOT freeze well due to the fried tortilla strips and sour cream the ground pork chorizo would freeze well. If everyone enjoys this dish I’ll add pork to my future grocery list so it can be cooked, seasoned and then frozen to use in a future dish.

Planned dishes include caprese eggs, broccoli cheese soup, potato soup with baon and leeks and possibly a chicken dish.

This is how I prep for meals in the upcoming week to help save time. What kind of things to you do to cut cooking time and save you money? Please leave a comment below and share some of your favorite tips.

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