Tell Me Again How It’s Just Because I Was Overweight

When you weight close to 300 pounds and tell your doctor, or anyone else for that matter, that your knees, hips and back hurt it’s automatically assumed to be because of your weight. The same thing goes with being chronically fatigued as well. It’s the weight of course. And it very well might be true too. Then again, maybe it’s not.

Fast forward almost 9 years after losing 130 pounds with the help of WLS and it’s kind of hard to blame all those aches, pains and tiredness on being overweight. While the pain was greatly reduced after losing weight it just never really went away. Now here it is, almost 9 years later, and my hands are having issues. The joint pain has been steadily increasing and my joints in my thumbs seem to be getting bigger. I’m also losing gripping power and have a hard time opening things because of it. Turns out all these joint aches and pains may not actually have been caused by weight. Though the weight probably didn’t help.

hand arthitis

While that is not an xray of my own hand I am waiting to hear back on the results of the xrays that were taken. Along with all the blood work that was sent out. The current thought on my hand pain and decreasing strength situation – rheumatoid arthritis. Hmmmm….guess it wasn’t the weight after all.

Being overweight creates this weird type of discrimination. Because they could physically see one problem (the weight) it makes it easy to over look other possibilities. Now that I’m not heavy and look “normal” it’s much easier to think beyond the weight as being a cause for other problems. If I weren’t constantly being told that any problem was caused by my weight I would have pushed for more of an explaination. Now, here we are years later, and hopefully the mystery will be solved.

For those of you out there who look at the physical body and are willing to blame problems on what you can see (the weight) please put aside your prejudice and take a closer look. You may just be saving someone years of pain and suffering.

For those of you who are the ones carrying around the extra weight don’t be afraid to push to get more answers. Yes the extra weight doesn’t help things but it just may not be the reason why you are having a problem. Advocate for yourself. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do so. We really need to stop accepting the response that weight is the cause of everything that we might be suffering through.

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  1. This is why I tell people that doctors only have a license to practice medicine, it doesn’t say anything about doing things right. They are just like an athlete practicing before the big game.
    It reminds me of when I was dealing with all of the stuff with cancer, back in 1994. I had just become blind, they didn’t know what was going on with me other than the swelling in the lining of my brain.
    A week went by and they sent this psychiatrist in to talk with me. After a few general questions he left and told the other doctors that I was in denial. I found out he was sent in to talk with me about death. The only problem with this is nobody had bothered to tell me of the prognosis, so how could I be in denial about something I had no clue about?
    So yes, sometimes we do have to push doctors to look past the obvious and sometimes part of that involves checking with another doctor when the one you are seeing doesn’t either get the clue or doesn’t seem willing to help.
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    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for commenting! Your right. Sometimes we do need to consult with more than one doctor. My doctor is a pretty nice guy. I know he didn’t set out to ignore or downplay things based on any type of personal prejudice to weight. It’s what he was told in medical school. Being overweight, especially if you are morbidly obese, is the reason why we have these problems. They are told it’s the first reason to suspect as the cause. Society really needs to alter the way it thinks. Perhaps some of that will change with obesity now being classified as a disease.