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Homemade Tomato Sauce With Sausage

When it comes to spaghetti sauce people often turn to store bought jars to help them make a quick, easy meal. Have you ever really looked at the ingredients in the store bought stuff? I mean really looked at it? You would probably expect to find ingredients such as tomatoes (puree and/or paste), water and spices such as garlic and onion. When I grabbed three random jars off of the grocery store shelves I found […] read more

Homemade Reduced Carb Barbeque Sauce

Don’t like weather in New England? Not a problem. Give it a few hours and it will change completely. The usual rainy spring weather last year that generally runs from March until April ended up lasting until the end of July. This year we’ve had summer like weather since the beginning of May. Someday the temperatures have made it up into the 80’s. With weather like this it’s time to get grilling! We’ve already been […] read more

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