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Product Review – Birdseye Steamfresh Protein Blends Southwest Style

I make my best effort to cook on a regular basis but there are times when I lack the time and energy to do so. If I have been able to plan ahead then I can take something out of the freezer from my last round of batch cooking. If unexpected things have come up, as they often do, I’m scrambling for a meal. One option is to purchase something from a local fast food […] read more

Product Review – Flatout Flatbread

Bread. In all of it’s many forms. Ask 10 post op WLSers about bread (do you eat it? should you eat it?) and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Immediately after surgery and for the first 6 to 9 months eating bread will take up what little space you have in your stomach. You need this space for more important things such as protein and vegetables (fiber, antioxidants, minerals yay!). Bread might go down easy […] read more

Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery Book Review

If you thought that cooking meals after weight loss surgery had to be boring then this book will change your mind. While some recipes fall under what I would call comfort type foods many others are what you would expect to find served at a fine dinning restaurant. The book begins with a small section on hints for preparing, cooking and eating. There is nothing here that most likely wasn’t covered by your doctor or […] read more

Weight Loss Surgery Book Reviews

It’s hard to believe that I have nothing school related to do until my summer class begins in July. Rather than sit around when I’m not working and watch TV I thought I might finally have a chance to check out the growing number of weight loss surgery related books that are currently on the market. Two days after I had sent in my inter-library loan request I received an email telling me a book […] read more

Product Review: Black Bean Hummus by Eat Well Enjoy Life

Eat Well Enjoy Life’s product moto is “You will never look at hummus the same way again” and they certainly are right. I happened upon their sweet and spicy black bean hummus at my local BJ’s wholesale club. I usually pick up a container of red pepper hummus made with the traditional chickpeas and tahini combination. I happened to spy the black bean hummus in the display and thought I’d give it a try. This […] read more