Highlights Of Other Student Blogs

As part of a class project FSU nutrition students have created various blogs on a nutrition related topic of their choice. We were challenged with creating infographics, podcasts and even videos. Here are a few highlights from these new bloggers:

Simply Nutritious has a great infographic on visualizing the elements of good nutrition…..it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

While your there stop and listen to Rachel’s podcast on the benefits of fiber.

Noell’s blog has a great infographic on Understanding Whole Grains.

A Happy Life Starts With A Healthy Lifestyle includes a nice infographic on Family Exercise For Every Season.

At Fitness and Nutrition Is The Mission you can listen to a podcast on what this blogger eats before, during and after running a marathon.

Check out this infographic on some Disease Fighting Vegetables at the Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables blog.

Cooking Healthy Is Fun posted a great youtube video on using the idea of a taco or pizza bar to get picky eaters to eat more. Check out her quick video:

Why not stop by and say hello to these new nutrition bloggers.

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