Grilled Romaine Lettuce

You may be saying to yourself “what?? Grilled lettuce??”

Having never heard of this before myself that’s exactly what I said. But, as my friends know, I’m willing to give just about anything at least one try. I am so glad that I did. This stuff is out of this world amazing!

I first came across the recipe over at the Grillin Fools website. I would highly suggest that if you like any type of grilled food to check them out. The grilled romaine tutorial/recipe is great and shows all the steps in detail. While I would love to create my own set of step by step photos I’m too busy tossing more lettuce on the grill.

Here’s a photo of someone’s beautiful grilled romaine:

Grilled lettuce

I gave up trying to post my own photos. My photography skills were lacking since we were too busy trying to put our grilled salads together to stop and take pictures.

What does grilled romaine have that regular, plain romaine doesn’t? It has the most wonderful smokey flavor and it goes great will just about anything you can throw on it. We grilled chicken as well as the romaine and then created grilled Caesar salads with homemade dressing. They were fabulous.

From now on, whenever we are grilling burgers, I will be tossing some lettuce on as well. That would make a great burger even better.

How about you? Have you ever tried grilled romaine (or any other type of lettuce) before?

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