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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I’ve seen numerous recipes posted all over the internet that call for pureed beans in place of butter or oil in a recipe. Since I’ve already done multiple experiments using beans as a fat replacer I figured I would give it a try by combining two different recipes for chocolate chip cookie bars. One recipe was for a low carb bar using an almond/coconut based baking mix. The other recipe used pureed beans in place […] read more

Just Say No To Spam

Sure the blog has been gathering some cobwebs over the last month. This semesters classes (medical nutrition, community nutrition and human nutrition science) have been keeping quite busy with weekly quizzes, almost weekly projects and a bunch of tests tossed in just to keep things interesting. During this time I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend. The place was starting to get over run with spam! No, not this spam: It’s more this type of spam […] read more

Eating In Moderation – Is It A Trap?

Lately I’ve been hearing more people talk about eating in moderation. I know I’ve done it myself. Usually it’s been a way to justify eating some type of junk or fast food. Like the day my mother came over to visit and brought fast food burgers and fries as a “treat”. She bought cheeseburgers, small fries and diet soda instead of large sized meals and regular soda. It’s that whole moderation thing. Super sized meals = […] read more

End of another semester

Every semester starts out the same. The end appears to be far off in the distance. Yet here it is and there’s only 1 day left! I can hardly wait. It’s been a long but interesting one. Lots of nutrition based projects this semester. Video taped nutritional counseling, instructional plans, nutritional care plans and lots of food chemistry including a research project/experiment that has lasted for several weeks now. My group worked on replacing butter in […] read more

Nutritional News In A Flash

I recently signed up for a Twitter account and invite you to follow me. Many times I come across interesting nutritional related stories, websites, blogs, products, etc and attempt to save them to post to the blog. Of course I never get around to it because of school work overload. Instead of saving these things for a rainy day (that just never seems to come) I will be sending them out through Twitter. It’s the […] read more

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