Arthritis Update and Going Wheat Free

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I previously blogged about having some issues with hand pain and increasing hand gripe weakness. The results from the blood tests and xrays came back. They show nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which on one hand is a great thing. It means no arthritis that they can see and my blood work does not show any immune system flare ups. The down side is the lingering question of why. Why do my hands hurt? Why is it getting harder to open things?

A possible suggestion was fibromyalgia. Yes I do have many of the symptoms: painful trigger points in the hands, shoulders, back and hips. Muscles in my legs that ache for no reason. Problems with sleeping and fatigue which I have always blamed on working the night shift for almost 20 years. There are no definitive tests that can be done to rule out fibro. As for the treatment, if it is fibro that is causing the problems, not much unless you want to take pills.

I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole and pursue the whole fibro thing if there really isn’t much that can be done. Before I take that option I started to think about the fact that there might be something I could do nutrition wise. I know that nutrition can’t fix everything but it sure can help many things. So I started to think about things that I have been reading over the years. I can see merit in just about every diet plan that is out there. There are always some who benefit and others who will not. I’m not into extremes but I’m all for finding what works for you and makes you feel great. I have a hard time jumping all in on particular ways of eating such as vegetarian, vegan, paleo, primal, low carb, WAPF, etc. They each have their good points. I don’t believe that there is any one right diet for every single person.

With this in mind, having read many stories about people who have felt health improvements (decreased joint pain, improved skin, fewer gut issues, better sleep, etc) once they eliminated wheat. In some people it seems to stimulate an inflammatory type of response causing an increase in pain, fatigue and more. Over the last two years, during our drastic drop in income due to my husband’s sudden health issue and multiple lay offs, I started eating more wheat products because they were cheap. Let’s face it. When the food budget is tight adding in bread or pasta to meals helps keep people filled up. When I was heavy I blamed all the joint pain on the weight. After WLS my wheat consumption had been reduced to next to nothing. When the pain went away it was assumed to be the weight loss that did it. Now I began to question if it was something more since my weight has been stable for years. With that in mind I decided to go back to not eating wheat. While discussing this issue with my mother, who has been diagnosed with fibro, she decided to give it a try too. Check back for an update on my wheat free adventures. I want to give this a little more time before reporting some interesting results.

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  1. My husband has been wheat and dairy free for most of the year. Why? Because he too was not feeling well. Mostly brain fog and digestive issues. He has found great improvements in his overall well being. Plus lost some weight. Please do keep us posted. We do feel very strongly that a whole foods veg and animal protein approach is best for our family. It certainly agrees with me post WLS! We also found we ate too much meat. We really cut our portion down. Little by little so it was not a drastic loss. Everyone is still satisfied and my grocery bill has lowered.
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    • Hi Tracy,

      No digestive issues here but the aches, pains and constant tiredness is very annoying. After WLS I almost completely cut out breads, pasta and grains to help with blood sugar control. With the loss of income things slowly crept back in but not in amounts high enough to create blood sugar crashes. I’m glad to hear that it’s helped your husband. It’s been a short time but I can already seen improvements.