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How To Fold A Wrap Sandwich (So It Doesn’t Fall Apart)

Sometimes it’s easy to come up with ideas for lunch. The harder part is how to transport your sandwich masterpiece to work in one piece without it falling apart. I’ve tried a variety of methods from plastic wrap to sandwich bags to bringing all the ingredients so I can put the wrap together on the spot. In the end, this method works out amazingly well. Not only can you create your wrap at home but […] read more

Low Carb Cuban Sandwich and Salad

Part of my school nutrition experience is to work in some kind of kitchen setting that focuses on food service and management. Basically some type of commercial kitchen that serves meals based on medical/nutrtional needs. I did my 200 hours in a kitchen at a local hostpital. Most of my time was spent helping to assist in some type of food prep, setting up patient meal trays, processing dietary orders, making tray deliveries, etc. There’s […] read more

What I Ate Wednesday 5

Time for another addition of What I Ate Wednesday. This month’s theme is:    Breakfast included a cup of coffee (no I didn’t actually have coffee in a thermos…..just reusing a picture) along with sauteed kale, onions and peppers (from the freezer) topped with an egg. You can’t actually see much of the egg because there is a slice of Trader Joe’s cheddar and chive cheese topping it. Also included are 2 small sausage patties. […] read more