Just Say No To Spam

Sure the blog has been gathering some cobwebs over the last month. This semesters classes (medical nutrition, community nutrition and human nutrition science) have been keeping quite busy with weekly quizzes, almost weekly projects and a bunch of tests tossed in just to keep things interesting. During this time I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend. The place was starting to get over run with spam! No, not this spam:


It’s more this type of spam that’s been filling up the blog as well as my email box:

spam 2

At first the email messages about comments waiting for moderation would come in once a day. When I saw that they were for something fabulous such as Louis Votton knockoff bags I simply deleted them off. Then the numbers began to increase. Two a day, three a day. The purse comments were joined by those offering sunglasses, music, clothing, etc. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I shut off the comments on the site completely thinking this would help but they still kept coming.

Ultimately the spammers figured that is they couldn’t leave comments on posts they would start commenting on pictures. Who even knew that if you clicked on a picture you could leave a comment. I sure didn’t. I finally realized the problem when the flood gates opened and the emails about comment approval started to hit my email box in huge numbers. Sometimes 20 or 30 an hour! It took a little while but I finally discovered what was happening as well as the solution. While you can shut down the comments to posts and pages in wordpress you are not able to disable media comments. Well, you could if you understood that whole php thing. Then I found this plugin: Disable Comments.

One plugin and the problem was solved. If you have a wordpress blog and are being hit by spam (the comment type and not the food product) I would highly suggest this plugin. It seems to be working well for now. I’m sure the losers that send out the spam will figure out a new way to push their junk but for now this has been a help.

School will be over shortly and then I can finally get back to posting on a regular basis. Three more classes to go and I’m finally done!


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