Interesting Study On Gastric Bypass Surgery And Blood Sugar Crashes

crashing blood sugar

I came across this article a few days ago. When comparing three types of weight loss surgery (gastric bypass which I’m figuring means the RNY surgery, duodenal switch and the sleeve) it was noted that those who had the gastric bypass were more likely to have some type problem with blood sugar regulation after surgery. Some new conditions that were noted included:

– nesidioblastosis: hypoglycemia caused by the pancreas over secreting insulin

– noninsulinoma pancreatogenous hypoglycemia syndrome: yes another type of hypoglycemia caused by an over reacting pancreas

– hyperinsulinemia: excess levels of insulin circulating in the body for various reasons. Can be caused by prediabetes, insulin resistance and PCOS among other things.

While the number of patients followed after surgery was small, as someone who deals with reactive hypoglycemia since surgery, I find it very interesting. I hope they continue to follow more patients after surgery so additional information can be gathered and patients will have a better idea of some of the issues they may deal with after surgery.

Read the full article, Study Suggests Gastric Bypass Causes Glucose Spikes, Crashes, for more information.

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