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How Many Calories Do I Need?

Ah the life of a nutrition student. The first part of any nutritional consult includes calculating how many calories does this particular person need to maintain their current weight. Before you can begin discussing what they might need to do to lose or gain weight (yes, some people do need to gain) you first need to know what their current intake should be to maintain weight. We have a couple of calculations we use to […] read more

Iron Rich Foods

In yesterday’s post about feeling cold all the time one possible cause is anemia which is also referred to as iron poor blood. For many of use WLS folks decreases in iron can result from the surgery. Most likely you were instructed to take a multivitamin with iron or possibly an iron supplement to help. Since we are now eating less food this means that we are getting less iron through diet alone. The great […] read more

Flashback To Visiting With A Dietitian

The beginning of October marked my 8th year since having gastric bypass surgery. I won’t rehash the story of how I got to that point since it’s in the About me page. The surgery seriously helped to limit how much I could eat and I lost 130 lbs within the first 1 1/2 years. It was basically smooth sailing for the first four years. By that time I reached a point where I could eat “normal” […] read more

Prepping For Weather Emergencies When You Eat Real Food

I have lived in Massachusetts all my life. If your not from one of the New England states then you may not understand our love/hate relationship with the weather. If you live in the area you probably know exactly what I mean. We love the fact that we get all four seasons and they are pretty evenly spaced. We hate the fact that some times we experience all four seasons in one single day. We […] read more

Reactive Hypoglycemia

Ah….reactive hypoglycemia (aka RH). The above pictured blood sugar level was obtained by eating a handful of jelly beans. As you can see I did NOT finish eating handful number 2 which contained about 20 or so jelly beans. My sugary enjoyment was cut short when the sweating, blurry vision, heart palpitations and the shakes suddenly kicked in. In the short time it took to hit me I had reached 46 and could have dropped […] read more

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