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Transcript of Podcast – Coping With Unwanted Feedback

Here’s the transcript for the podcast Coping With Unwanted Feedback – How To Deal With The Food Police And Food Pushers Hi there….this is Penny. I want to welcome you to Remake my plate where I post about life after weight loss surgery. After spending the majority of my life overweight and trying just about everything to lose it I chose to have weight loss surgery in November of 2004. For the past 9 years […] read more

How Mindless Eating Adds Up Over Time

Ah mindless eating. One of the enemies of weight regain that I know all too well. I’ve struggled with regain after WLS several times before. I’m sure I will always continue to struggle with it. A few times the regain was caught in the beginning when I had only put on 5 or 10 lbs. At one point I had continued on until I had regained 50 lbs. Each and every time one of my […] read more

How To Estimate Portion Size

Things have been nuts since school started. The last semester is ending with a flurry of group projects and the beginning of my first internship rotations. This means that my usual pattern of eating has been thrown off a bit. While I don’t normally pay attention to small fluctuations in what the scale says (I usually weigh myself every 2 or 3 days) I start to keep a close eye when it goes up 3-4 […] read more

Exciting News For This Semester

For the last few years I have been attending college in hopes of changing careers. Who knew that when I had gastric bypass surgery almost 9 years ago that it would affect so many other things besides what I weighed. Several years after having surgery I decided to return to school. Having worked as a nurse for many years it was time for a change. Since having surgery I began to connect nutrition to many […] read more

Your Weight Matters Live Streaming Educational Sessions Schedule

It looks like there will be several live streaming educational sessions during this year’s Your Weight Matters National Convention. Michelle Vicari who is an Obesity Action Coalition Board Member sent out an email with some information about these sessions: “As most of you are aware the 2nd Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention is taking place August 15 – 18 in Phoenix, AZ. We know that many of you have already been promoting the Convention […] read more

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