What I Ate Wednesday 8 – The Back To School Edition

Today was the big day….the first day of college for my oldest daughter. She was rather nervous but everything worked out well even though she got lost. She’s not the only one. I returned to school today as well. And got lost too! Seems they decided to move a few classes around due to their size. But, eventually, someone somewhere knows where the room is hidden.

So here we are at the beginning of September. It’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday over at Peas and Crayons. Here’s this month’s theme:

Hmmmm……I think someone has been reading my mind. My eating habits have taken a lazy turn for the worse over the summer. Lack of time, lack of money, lack of energy are just a few of my excuses for letting things like bread, crackers, sweets and more back into my life. Evidence was provided as to how far off track I had gotten with a rather monumental blood sugar crash just as my husband and I had arrived at a restaurant for our anniversary dinner.  I’ve yet to pull my glucometer booklet to figure out how low your blood sugar actually is when the meter reads LO.

I never even managed to take one sip of my strawberry mango margarita when it hit. Unable to see due to flashing lights and blurred vision. Barely able to think due to my brain slowly shutting down. I looked and acted like I already had a few too many of those margaritas.

Yes was time to clean up my diet. I had already designated the first day of school as the start of eating clean. I also had signed up for a Crossfit gym and will begin my foundations class on the 10th. Nothing controls blood sugar levels better than eating right and getting some exercise. The muscle building exercise will have to wait but for now the change in eating has begun. Today started like this:

Cup ‘o Joe and multivitamins. Packed the following to eat for breakfast and snack while at school.

Breakfast on the go included two slices of turkey wrapped around mozzarella cheese sticks, a almond based banana muffin and a mix of nuts (cashews, dry roasted peanuts, almonds and pistachios) with a small amount of craisins. Ate 1 piece of turkey/cheese during the drive and finished the other after I got to school. Ate a few of the nuts and the muffin on the way home. Snacked on the rest of the nuts throughout the afternoon. Then I realized it was 4pm and had this for lunch:

Sauteed onions, red peppers and kale with a drizzle of toasted sesame oil. A bit of pastrami and an egg. Good stuff!

Snacked on this later on:

The watermelon was good but not great. The season for melon is already starting to be over. This one must have been trucked in from some distance. It had very little of that delish watermelon taste. Very juicy but hardly no taste 🙁

Supper will be this:

Steak tips with a barley spinach salad. I actually haven’t eaten this yet but made a plate up for my kids….who did not eat lunch at 4pm like I did.

Day 1 almost done with no drive by snacking on crackers, chips or other stuff I need to avoid.  Hopefully it will not take long to fall into this new habit. Falling out seems to happen much easier.

What good  habit are you trying to fall into?

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