What I Ate Wednesday #7

It’s that time of the week again. The time when other bloggers gather and share a days worth of eating over at Peas and Crayons. This month’s theme is:

By the time August rolls around my main summer staple seems to be tomatoes. Either fresh from my garden or from one of the local farms. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of eating fresh tomatoes unless it’s in salsa. I don’t care for the texture of fresh/raw ones but love them cooked. Odd I know. But I have several foods that I don’t care for because of their texture.

Now that my favorite summer staple are FINALLY ripe for picking they are starting to become available by the case load at the farms. Which means another end of the summer staple – canning tomatoes! Yes, for many that might seem odd to can your own tomatoes when they are available for cheap at any store. But, if you have never made and canned your own tomatoes and salsa from farm fresh veggies, then you can’t possibly understand why it’s soooo worth the time and effort. Nothing compares to the taste. Grocery store tomatoes, no matter how fresh they appear, seriously lack the taste punch that comes from some of the varieties of heirloom veggies sold at farms. So on to what I ate for a day which includes my favorite summer staple.

First up – Breakfast

Diced leftover sweet potato (cooked in a bit of butter) and a turkey/mozzarella stick roll up. The roll up is made by wrapping a cheese stick in several slices of turkey meat. It’s then browned on all sides in a skillet so the cheese is nice and soft.

Lunch included a salad made with leftover steak tips. Got to find creative ways to use up stuff that’s already in the refrigerator.

A little while later I ate this delish cold barley and spinach salad topped with a mustard vinaigrette.

I will be making this again as soon as I buy more barley. While it had onions, carrots and spinach it would taste just as good with some added veggies such as zuchinni, squash, sweet bell peppers or kale. Watch for this recipe soon. It’s great!

Snack time included this apple quinoa bar:

I’ve made this several times but this one was from a freezer test batch. I like to test out how different foods will hold up in the freezer before putting a whole batch into deep freeze. One never knows if the texture will change after it’s been thawed. The apple quinoa bars held up well but softened quite a bit. A few minutes in the toaster oven helped. This recipe will need to be experimented with before becoming a regular freezer item.

Supper included a batch of homemade sauce. The tomatoes were straight from my garden. The sauce included several types of tomatoes including Roma and yellow Lemon Boy.

The picture above is the seeded and chopped tomatoes just as they started cooking. In the end the sauce topped some spinach, a sausage patty and only a few beef filled ravioli. My carb count was already running high between the sweet potatoes, barley and apple quinoa bar. Didn’t want to risk a post supper crash so I only had 3 of them.

So that’s my entry for this weeks WIAW. Can’t wait to see what everyone else had. Anyone else out there can? If so leave a link in the comment section to your canning post.

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    • My first canning adventures were with jam. A friend taught me one weekend while I visited her. We made peach jam from peaches we picked at a local orchard. Couldn’t believe how incredible it tasted compared to the commercial stuff. From there I went on to make so many different types of jam we had 4 cases containing 12 pints in each case. Just about at the end of our stash.

  1. Your sauce looks really good!
    I can. I’ve canned veggies, fruits, beef and chicken, soups, sauces, salsa, and as you will see in this post, jam. I don’t do it often, but there is something so great about seeing the jars lined up and preserved. : )
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    • I just recently purchased a pressure canner so I can try my hand at other things besides tomatoes, jam, pickles and relish. Now I just need a good sale on some beef, chicken or pork.

  2. My goodness, your dinner looks delicious!
    Jessie recently posted..WIAW #5My Profile

  3. Mmmmm! Apple quinoa bar :)!

    • Glad you stopped by. I’ll be posting the recipe for it soon. I think the original recipe had flour and was suppose to baked into a loaf pan so it was more bread like. I a few changes and baked it in a 8 X 8 pan to get bars.