What I Ate Wednesday 6

This months What I Ate Wednesday theme is:

Time seems to be slipping by rather quickly now. School starts in a few weeks. Besides the usual school supplies needed by three kids there was also some serious clothing shopping to be done. Seems my youngest decided to sprout a few inches during the summer and the only pieces of clothing that fit were socks.

I also managed a quick weekend getaway with my husband for our 15 year anniversary. It was a rather wet weekend due to¬†constant down pours and even a tornado warning for the whole southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod area. What fun! When were able to take a walk down Main Street in Hyannis only for a little while when there was a break in the rain. The remainder of the time we were trapped inside hoping that the black sky didn’t turn into a tornado.

We returned home to a well watered garden and a bunch of tomatoes that needed to be picked. Looks like there’s enough to make a small pot of spaghetti sauce but not enough to can ūüôĀ¬† Still no sign of purchasing cases of tomatoes from the local farms just yet. But it’s getting closer! Hopefully they will be ready in time to post¬†some pictures of a canning session.¬†That’s been one of my end of the summer staples for a few years now. Can say enough about how delicious home canned tomatoes and sauce are. As for this weeks WIAW, here goes:

Started the day with the usual cup of coffee and multivitamins. Moved on to breakfast a bit later.

Breakfast included half an english muffin with almond butter and an omlette filled with onions, peppers and a bit of¬†Italian sausage. When lunch time rolled around I was going to share a Stouffer’s roast beef and cheese sandwich (something my husband had bought) with one of the kids¬†but changed my mind after one bite.

The first picture shows¬†what my finished sandwich is suppose to look like. Looks kind of good with a fair amount of roast beef and saucey cheddar cheese. Sigh….the middle picture is what my half looked like when I opened it while wondering….Hmmm….where’s the roast beef and cheddar cheese? Ugh! I took one bite and decided to make a salad instead. I topped the usual salad greens, shredded carrots, sweet peppers and shredded broccoli mix with a bit of salami and ham along with a sliced up piece of string cheese. A drizzle of Italian dressing and lunch was served. This tasted sooo much better than that sandwich.

I snacked on another summer time staple:

Watermelon! I will be sad when the summer is over and the only watermelon around has been shipped in from outside of the country. The long trip makes for tasteless watermelon.

For supper I made enchiladas filled with refried beans and ground beef.

The enchilada sauce was homemade and very good. Wish I could say the same for my pictures LOL. This is the first time I’ve tried making my own. Can’t believe how easy it was!¬†While the enchiladas look huge in the picture they are made with the small corn tortillas. I finished the first one and about half of the second before I was full.

That’s pretty much the end of today’s eats unless I end up having some more watermelon. Looking forward to checking out what everyone else had for this week’s WIAW.


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