Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies Book Review

Where was this book when I first began researching weight loss surgery about 10 years ago. Books on the topic were no where to be found. Besides your doctor the only other place to find information were a few scattered forums and some yahoo groups. As time went on during the 1 1/2 years it took for me to finally be approved for the surgery due to insurance issues there were more surgically altered people chatting in forums. Even then the information was sparse and people mostly discussed their life after surgery. What we really needed was something like this book during our pre surgery stage.

These days it seems that there are growing numbers of books trying to meet various needs of those looking into surgery and those who have already had it. I would highly recommend¬† Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies for anyone looking into having surgery or even those who have already decided to go through the surgery. Even though it includes a small number of recipes it doesn’t offer much to those who have already had surgery.

The book itself is divided up in a very sensible manner. The chapters are sectioned off to cover the following information:

– Is weight loss surgery for you?

– Preparing for surgery

-The hospital experience

– Ensuring success

– Changing outside and in

Like many of the other Dummies book it is very easy to understand. Alot of the information is presented in a checked or bulleted format which helps make the main points stand out. I thought the section on the types of surgeries currently available, the pros/cons and potential risks was well written.

Bonus points for offering the tip to start a medically supervised weight loss diet as soon as possible if your thinking about having the surgery. This is one of those things that insurance companies tend to not tell you right away or you only discover that it is a requirement when the denial comes through. Thankfully, as the surgery becomes more common, doctors are aware of the different criteria that insurance companies request before approving surgery. Doing this ASAP can save you a six month or more delay. Of course this depends upon your particular insurance since it seems that each requiers something different.

The section on what you can eat in the first few months after surgery is broken down by stages rather than weeks. Working through stages seems to be more common now. When I had surgery the post surgery diet was broken down into weeks such as liquids for week 1, semi solid weeks 2 to 3, etc.¬† There is a table with a sample diet for each type of surgery (RNY, sleeve and band). While it’s helpful to see some ideas you should always follow what your particular surgeon tells you to eat. I find that the variation of acceptable foods varies greatly. Some focus on protein powders, some have you choose low carb options while others do not. There are a small number of recipes included.

The final sections covering success and change will give you lots of things to think about as your body changes. There’s even a section on handling social situations and dealing resentful coworkers (or perhaps family/friends) which is probably something you may have never thought could be an issue.

If your thinking about having weight loss surgery or have already scheduled a date for surgery then you may want to pick up a copy of this book. I think you’d find it very helpful.


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