Weekend Cookup 3

In the past I tried a variety of freezer cooking, once a month cooking or even doubling/tripling a batch of something cooking. There were some winners but many of them didn’t work for my family. I have a family of leftover haters. Leftovers are what you basically get when you cook an entire meal, freeze it and then reheat it when your short on time. I grew up having leftovers on a regular basis. My husband however is one of six children. Needless to say there was no such thing as leftovers in his house. Someone always eat them before they had a chance to earn the status of “leftover”.

Now I spend my time cutting, chopping, marinating, baking and partially cooking meals. To get some idea of what I’m talking about here’s this weekends cookup:

Prepped but not cooked:

– romaine lettuce washed, dried and sliced for salads

– found yellow bell peppers on sale so those were also washed and sliced for meals and snacks

– diced an onion for upcoming meals. Bagged and ready to be cooked

– picked some tomatoes, cucumbers and blackberries from the garden. Soaked and washed them using homemade veggie wash. Found another 2 cukes, 4 plum tomatoes and twice as many blackberries today.


Dishes made:

– tried a low carb brownie recipe but it’s more like an odd cake. Not a complete failure but I’ll have to try another piece tomorrow before deciding. If I still don’t care for it ( and no other family member likes it) then the birds and squirrels will enjoy eating it. Hate to waste food but one of my past habits would be to just eat it anyways while the voice of my mother played in my head reminding me that there were kids in other countries starving. Improving your eating habits sometimes means you have to rewrite those voices in your head. Just don’t tell my mother…shhhh!

– made a zucchini, tomato and pasta dish. Meh. Not good but not bad either. Found the recipe in the Food Network magazine that my husband bought. Made it at his request. Guess who’s going to be eating it for lunch this week.

– Sausage and pepper stuffed tomatoes. Another husband request. This one was pretty good. Used store bought tomatoes for it but the garden ones should be ready for a recipe repeat in a week or two.

– Made 2 quart jars of refrigerator pickles from the cukes shown above. I’ve canned pickles in the past but haven’t tried making them in the refrigerator before. Will see how they taste in a week.

Misc blog related things:

– Posted a new static page with info on freezer friendly foods. Thought it would be easier to search for info on how to prep various food and dishes for the freezer. I’ll be updating this page as I add in more freezer tips. The info included is what I usually do but there might be other freezer methods out there. Please feel free to email me with tips that work for you and I’ll add them in.

Not much done this weekend. There are still leftovers that need to be dealt with due to a few unplanned meals being made. Not prepping much for the coming week so those will be eaten first.  I see some Big Mac salads in the near future to use up leftover burgers.

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