Vegetable Hash

It seems the price of vegetables is going through the roof these days. One way to save money is to stop throwing out food. When small amounts of vegetables are leftover from different meals one way to use them up is to freeze them for use in a future batch of vegetable soup. If I find I have a larger amount of one type of vegetable making a family sized frittata. If there are only small amounts of vegetables left, especially if there are some potatoes, I make hash out of them.

I recently found myself with some left over brussel sprouts that needed to be used up. Searching through the refrigerator I found some sauteed onions and red peppers that had been made to go with sausages a few days ago. Another container had a vegetable mix that included more red peppers, green beans, mushrooms and red potatoes.

veggie hash

The brussel sprouts were cut in half and then finely sliced. Since I’ve been traumatized from numerous childhood incidents that feature brussel sprouts that had been boiled until they were mush I always sautee them. Into the skillet they went with a small amount of olive oil. Cooking them like this allows them to soften yet remain a bit crisp. Not the soggy mush that I was served as a kid. Blech! No wonder I thought I hated brussel sprouts. After several minutes add the other vegetables along with some garlic¬†and continue to cook until the vegetables have been heated through. The veggies were served with a fried egg and a bit more of this incredible black bean hummus.

egg and veggie hash

There was enough hash to feed two of us for breakfast. It not only tasted great but saved perfectly good vegetables from sitting around until they got thrown out.

How do you end up using leftover vegetables? Do you like to use them in a special recipe? Why not leave a comment below and share with everyone what you do to keep from throwing out leftover vegetables.

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