Time Saving Tuesday (TST) – Make A Big Batch

Time Saving Tuesday

Join me for the (mostly) weekly Time Saving Tuesday tip.

As a single mother with three daughters, a house, cats and a job working close to 50 hours a week, the only way I can keep up my wonder woman persona is to find things that save me time. This can be a good thing when it comes to not slipping back into former habits that contributed to hurting my health. Over the years I’ve come up with lots of tricks that work for me and, thanks to Pinterest and the many websites out there, I see lots of others that I’d like to try one day. Each week I thought I would share either a tip that I use or something that I’ve seen on another site. Perhaps some of these will work for you to help save you time and make things a bit easier. If you’ve got a great time saving tip to share why not post it in the comment section below.

This week’s TST tip is to help save you time and money is to measure and package several batches of your favorite mix at one time. In yesterday’s post on Cranberry Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies I explained how I measure out multiple batches of dry ingredients needed to make my family’s favorite breakfast cookies. If you have to pull all the ingredients out to whip up a batch of cookies, pancakes, cake, brownies, homemade dressing, spice blends, meat marinades, etc then why not measure out several batches. This will cut down on prep time in the future since you won’t have to gather some of the ingredients and measure them. In the case of the breakfast cookies all that is needed is a couple of wet ingredients and I can get a batch of these into the oven in about 5 minutes.

Got kids? This is a great way to get them involved in cooking and cut down on future messes. Kids are usually happy to help measure and package the dry ingredients. On baking day there are fewer messy dishes, less mess from spills during measuring and more time enjoying the whole cooking experience.

The biggest tip I can offer here is to clearly mark and label your bags. I also include a date and sometimes will tuck a recipe into the main bag. I put all the smaller bags (usually quart size freezer bags) into a larger gallon sized freezer bag. I store packaged dry ingredients in the freezer to help them last longer if I have packaged up a bunch. I have prepared a variety of mixes, packaged and labeled them and have given them to my parents. They enjoy eating things I make but don’t often have ingredients around to make it themselves. They also won’t make something if it calls for an ingredient that they will probably only use to make this recipe. By giving them pre-measured mixes they will be able to make these for themselves by adding a few items that they already have on hand.

How about you? Got a favorite recipe that you ever pre-measured out multiple batches? Why not share a link to it below.

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