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Maple Breakfast Sausage

It seems that healthy eating is something of a juggling act. People often turn to premade and highly processed foods because they are fast and easy to make. In order to get the convenience of these foods we often end up with less than healthy ingredients. Choosing options that are seen as healthier (freshly made with healthier ingredients, organic, etc) usually means paying a premium price. Sometimes you can get the best of both worlds […] read more

Family Sized Frittata with Linguica, Zuchinni and Cheese

Here’s a delicious meal that takes next to no time to make. Time seems to be something which I’ve been running short on due to multiple midterm school projects. Five more weeks until this semester is over. I’ve got lots to write about and, for now, little time to do it. Frittatas are basically scrambled eggs baked in the oven. They are made with protein rich eggs and just about any type of vegetable or […] read more