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Transcript of Podcast – Coping With Unwanted Feedback

Here’s the transcript for the podcast Coping With Unwanted Feedback – How To Deal With The Food Police And Food Pushers Hi there….this is Penny. I want to welcome you to Remake my plate where I post about life after weight loss surgery. After spending the majority of my life overweight and trying just about everything to lose it I chose to have weight loss surgery in November of 2004. For the past 9 years […] read more

Coping With Unwanted Feedback – How To Deal With The Food Police and Food Pushers

As part of a class project I had to record a podcast that was relevant to my blog topic. I choose to do a short podcast on dealing with people I refer to as the food police and food pushers. Helpful information especially around this time of the year when they come out in full force to check out what you’re putting on your plate during the holidays. It took a couple of shots to […] read more

Podcast Episode 3 – Pasta Replacements

Welcome to the Remake My Plate podcast – episode 3. This one covers some easy pasta replacements including how to prepare them and even some great freezer tips. Show Notes: – Reasons why you might want to replace pasta – Spaghetti squash: easp prep tips, nutritional stats, freezer tips – Zucchini: easp prep tips, nutritional stats – Other veggies pasta replacements – Shirataki Noodles: difference between shirataki noodles and those containing tofu – Shirataki prep […] read more

Podcast Episode 2 – Sugar, Sugar

Welcome to the second Remake My Plate podcast episode. This one quickly covers some information about sugar in it’s various forms. Show Notes: – Glucose Song on YouTube – Two types of sugars: simple and complex – Simple sugars (also called monosaccharides) include glucose, fructose and galactose – Complex sugars (also called disaccharides) include lactose, sucrose and maltose – “Natural” sugars: honey, maple syrup, molasses and agave and which simple sugars make them up – […] read more

Podcast Episode 1 – Intro

Hey….it’s my very first podcast! It’s only taken me approximately 6 days, about 30 cups of coffee, the loss of an untold number of brain cells and about 2 dozen times of throwing my hands in the air while babbling something along the lines of “now what the hell is is this thing doing!” in order to bring this little masterpiece to you. While it may not be a masterpiece at least it’s a start. This […] read more