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Greek Lemon Pasta Salad

This is a quick to put together dish and, while I’ve included a recipe, you can toss just about anything in. Use your favorite veggies, swap out the cheese or even replace the sliced salami with diced chicken breast. You can even replace the salad dressing with your favorite kind. No matter what you use you’ll have a hard time creating a bad pasta salad. Greek Lemon Pasta Salad Print Greek Lemon Pasta Salad Author: Penny […] read more

Creamy Tomato Tortellini Soup

My friend sent me a creamy tomato tortellini soup recipe and said her family loved it. It looked really good but there were a few ingredients that would make it hard for me to eat it. Between the milk, half and half, canned tomato soup and lots of pasta it was a recipe that would almost certainly cause some form of dumping or a RH reaction. I made a few changes to it so it […] read more

Podcast Episode 3 – Pasta Replacements

Welcome to the Remake My Plate podcast – episode 3. This one covers some easy pasta replacements including how to prepare them and even some great freezer tips. Show Notes: – Reasons why you might want to replace pasta – Spaghetti squash: easp prep tips, nutritional stats, freezer tips – Zucchini: easp prep tips, nutritional stats – Other veggies pasta replacements – Shirataki Noodles: difference between shirataki noodles and those containing tofu – Shirataki prep […] read more

Low Carb Pasta Replacements

Imagine going to college for a degree in nutrition with plans on becoming a registered dietitian. Now imagine, when discussions on various diets come up, that you talk about low carb (that’s LOW not NO carb) or paleo. Think of all the dirty looks you might get, the eye rolling, the comments about how completely unhealthy it is to follow either one of these diets/ways of eating and then imagine what is said when you […] read more