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Low Carb Cuban Sandwich and Salad

Part of my school nutrition experience is to work in some kind of kitchen setting that focuses on food service and management. Basically some type of commercial kitchen that serves meals based on medical/nutrtional needs. I did my 200 hours in a kitchen at a local hostpital. Most of my time was spent helping to assist in some type of food prep, setting up patient meal trays, processing dietary orders, making tray deliveries, etc. There’s […] read more

Low Carb Pasta Replacements

Imagine going to college for a degree in nutrition with plans on becoming a registered dietitian. Now imagine, when discussions on various diets come up, that you talk about low carb (that’s LOW not NO carb) or paleo. Think of all the dirty looks you might get, the eye rolling, the comments about how completely unhealthy it is to follow either one of these diets/ways of eating and then imagine what is said when you […] read more

Homemade Tomato Sauce With Sausage

When it comes to spaghetti sauce people often turn to store bought jars to help them make a quick, easy meal. Have you ever really looked at the ingredients in the store bought stuff? I mean really looked at it? You would probably expect to find ingredients such as tomatoes (puree and/or paste), water and spices such as garlic and onion. When I grabbed three random jars off of the grocery store shelves I found […] read more

Podcast Episode 1 – Intro

Hey….it’s my very first podcast! It’s only taken me approximately 6 days, about 30 cups of coffee, the loss of an untold number of brain cells and about 2 dozen times of throwing my hands in the air while babbling something along the lines of “now what the hell is is this thing doing!” in order to bring this little masterpiece to you. While it may not be a masterpiece at least it’s a start. This […] read more