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How To Fold A Wrap Sandwich (So It Doesn’t Fall Apart)

Sometimes it’s easy to come up with ideas for lunch. The harder part is how to transport your sandwich masterpiece to work in one piece without it falling apart. I’ve tried a variety of methods from plastic wrap to sandwich bags to bringing all the ingredients so I can put the wrap together on the spot. In the end, this method works out amazingly well. Not only can you create your wrap at home but […] read more

Choosing A Healthier Frozen Dinner

Every now and then I have one of those days when I haven’t packed anything to eat at work and just wish I could toss something prepared in my bag. Having a few frozen dinners on hand would make this type of day so much easier. I started checking around and realized that much of what is out there isn’t really suitable to those of us who have had weight loss surgery. Actually, no one […] read more

TLC Diet Menu Plan

It seems my medical nutrition therapy class topic could not be more appropriate for this month. Our current topic is cardiac related which is perfect for February’s Go Red campaign by the American Heart Association.  While heart disease is usually thought of as a man’s disease it actually kills more women than all the types of cancers combined. It’s also the number one cause of death in the country (men and women combined). Since I […] read more

Healthy Lunch Ideas

The new semester starts tomorrow which means it’s time to start packing lunches again. I’ve got several 12+ hour days ahead of me once travel time is factored in. Going without lunch isn’t an option and grabbing something to eat on campus does work well either. While there are some healthy options available such as prepackaged salad, yogurt parfaits (sooo not a yogurt fan) and fruit cups, the majority of the food available isn’t very […] read more