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Low Carb Diet Meme

I’ve seen tons of different What I Really (fill in the blank) type memes floating around out there. You may have seen them posted to Facebook or on other blogs. I figured that the low carb diet deserved its own. I filled it with all the various comments that have been made when I say I follow a low carb diet. Click on the picture to see it full size. Hope you enjoy it!   […] read more

Podcast Episode 1 – Intro

Hey….it’s my very first podcast! It’s only taken me approximately 6 days, about 30 cups of coffee, the loss of an untold number of brain cells and about 2 dozen times of throwing my hands in the air while babbling something along the lines of “now what the hell is is this thing doing!” in order to bring this little masterpiece to you. While it may not be a masterpiece at least it’s a start. This […] read more