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Food Apathy…..When Nothing Is Appealing

I wrote a similar post about this subject back a little over two years ago. Food apathy seems to come and go. Sometimes it lasts a day or two and other times it drags on for weeks. During these times grazing seems to start back up again. I wish I could say I was grazing on things like vegetables and fruit but I find myself usually grabbing a handful of crackers or one of the […] read more

Highlights Of Other Student Blogs

As part of a class project FSU nutrition students have created various blogs on a nutrition related topic of their choice. We were challenged with creating infographics, podcasts and even videos. Here are a few highlights from these new bloggers: Simply Nutritious has a great infographic on visualizing the elements of good nutrition…’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! While your there stop and listen to Rachel’s podcast on the benefits of fiber. Noell’s blog […] read more

Arthritis Update and Going Wheat Free

I previously blogged about having some issues with hand pain and increasing hand gripe weakness. The results from the blood tests and xrays came back. They show nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which on one hand is a great thing. It means no arthritis that they can see and my blood work does not show any immune system flare ups. The down side is the lingering question of why. Why do my hands hurt? Why is it […] read more

Eating In Moderation – Is It A Trap?

Lately I’ve been hearing more people talk about eating in moderation. I know I’ve done it myself. Usually it’s been a way to justify eating some type of junk or fast food. Like the day my mother came over to visit and brought fast food burgers and fries as a “treat”. She bought cheeseburgers, small fries and diet soda instead of large sized meals and regular soda. It’s that whole moderation thing. Super sized meals = […] read more

Bariatric surgery and the increased risk of using Tylenol / Acetaminophen

When you have bariatric or weight loss surgery you are told to avoid taking aspirin and ibuprophen due to the damage it can cause your pouch. Now we also may have an increased risk when using Tylenol or Acetaminophen as well. While this story in the San Fransico Chronicle is a month old I actually discovered this issue last year. At the beginning of the year I had a tooth that had started to hurt […] read more