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Recipes For Life After Weight Loss Surgery Book Review

Here’s another book that I recently picked up from my local library to check out. Actually I mistakenly got two copies of the book because the covers were different. One is the original book published in 2006 and the other is a revised edition published in 2012. The books contain the same recipes and almost the same information. Recipes For Life After Weight Loss Surgery The difference between the books is the updated version has […] read more

Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies Book Review

Where was this book when I first began researching weight loss surgery about 10 years ago. Books on the topic were no where to be found. Besides your doctor the only other place to find information were a few scattered forums and some yahoo groups. As time went on during the 1 1/2 years it took for me to finally be approved for the surgery due to insurance issues there were more surgically altered people […] read more