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Ham, Kale And White Bean Soup

Whenever I make a spiral ham I always save the bone. If you don’t want to use it right away it can be placed in a freezer bag and frozen for up to 6 months. What can you do with a ham bone? Well, when you cook it in the crockpot it makes the best ham broth for soup. It’s super easy to do. Simply take the bone that’s left over after removing much of […] read more

Using Pureed Beans As A Fat Replacer

In one of my favorite lab based nutrition classes we did an experiment (officially titled  Acceptability of bean puree as a fat replacement in blueberry muffins) in which we changed the fat content in a muffin recipe and tested to see how well it was accepted. Sounds easy except for the fact that there was food related research to be done, sensory panel questionnaires to design and a whole lot of writing to do. Eighty eight pages of […] read more

Chickpea And Lentil Salad

I’m always looking for new side dish recipes. Veggies always appear somewhere on my plate but it’s great to find something to replace things the rest of the family eats such as pasta, potatoes or rice.  Though I usually aim for low carb dishes this recipe worked out well. The complex carbs in the beans/lentils haven’t caused any blood sugar crashes. Chickpea and Lentil Salad 1 – 15 ounce can of chickpeas, drainded and rinsed […] read more

Pumpkin Black Bean Soup

This is my kind of recipe when you want something good to eat but don’t have much time to make it. This soup can be on the table in about 15 minutes. If your not a fan of pumpkin don’t worry. You can’t even tell it’s in there. Great way to sneak an extra serving of veggies in without even trying. Pumpkin Black Bean Soup 1 small onion, diced 2 cups or 1 – 15 ounce […] read more

Cooking Dried Beans In Your Crockpot

Reasons to cook your own beans: * super easy to do * no sodium or other unnecessary ingredients added * long presoaking helps to make them more digestable then canned beans * avoid BPA which is found lining many cans on the market * making your own saves you money. One 16 ounce bag of dried beans is equal to 3 cans of beans (15 ounce each) * did I mention they are super easy […] read more