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I’ve replaced the sidebar blog roll with a page listing some of my favorite sites and blogs.


South Shore Farmers Markets

Farm Fresh

Local Harvest


See the Low Carb Products and Book page for some great baking, cooking and snack products as well as a list of books that you may find helpful.

New England Beekeeper – honey, raw beeswax and candles from a sustainable New England Beekeeper

Easy Lunch Boxes – great lunch boxes for both kids and adults. Check out my blog posts about them.


Blood Sugar 101 – lots of information for diabetics.

dLife – another site with a ton of information about diabetes.

The Store of Elliot P. Joslin – Founder of the Joslin Diabetes Foundation. Watch the video to here a bit about the man who first realized that maintaining tight control of blood sugar levels (through restriction of carbohydrates) prevented diabetic complications.

BLOGS – WLS Related

My Tiny Tank – the daily chronicles of Tracy, a WLS patient. Lots of great info, recipes and stories on living daily life after surgery.

WLS Vitagarten -all the vitamin information for wls/bariatric patients that one could ever want. Excellent resource.

Melting Mama – MM has been posting about life after WLS for many years now. Check her out. She tells it like it is – both the good and the bad.

The World According To Eggface – lots and lots of great WLS friendly recipes. For those new to WLS she includes protein shakes, protein ice cream and many other ways to use your favorite protein powder.

BLOGS – Low Carb, Paleo, Weston A Price, Misc

Weight of the Evidence: my brain explodes from much of the low carb/pleo nonsense that’s out there. Thankfully this site is an island of common sense  in an internet full of distorted and extreme views on following a low carb diet.

Review of Atkins “Rules”: I’ve found that most people who say they “do low carb” actually aren’t. Low carb does NOT mean NO CARB or induction level of carbs forever. Check out this page to get a good review of what low carb actually is.

The Carb-Sane Asylum: We’ve all seen sites where the latest in medical research has been twisted in some way to prove that a particular diet is the best. Stop by this site and check out some great discussions on current research and low carb/paleo diet related stuff. There’s no diets to push, no books to sell and no profits attempting to be made. Read and draw your own conclusions.

Whole9Life – authors of my new favorite book It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways Great book and lots of info about the benefits of eating real food (paleo style)

Kelly The Kitchen Kop – blogs about real food a la Weston A Price.

Kalyn’s Kitchen – Great South Beach diet based recipes. Can be tailored to your nutritional needs easily. They all look great!

Wheat Belly – website and blog for author of the book Wheat Belly shares info, recipes and much more. Even if you don’t want to follow a low carb diet I would highly suggest going wheat free and see if it improves your sugar control as well as the way you feel.

Fat Head – edutainer Tom Naughton’s website/blog. He sells several DVD’s that not only will entertain you but educate you at the same time. Check out Big Fat Fiasco: How the misguided fear of saturated fat created a nation of obese diabetics and Science For
Smart People: Learn to tell good science from bad science … and laugh while you learn. Both are great and will give you some thought provoking things that may just change your mind about what you thought you knew about nutrition.

WordPress 101 For Boomers – I’m not a boomer and you may not be either but this is a great site to see video tutorials on how to use WordPress to construct your own blog. Great for visual learners.

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