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Rather than having a bunch of pages with interesting information and various resources spread all over the blog I’ve set up this page so I can list them to make things easier to find.

*Check out this page for a list of my favorite websites and blogs.

*We live in the land of super sized everything! How do you know what a real portion or serving size looks like when most of the time we are confronted with huge portions. As a result, we now look at these portions as normal. We are frequently told that buying bigger is a better value and saves money. Unfortunately it’s costing us our health. Check out the Size It Up – Portion Sizes page for visual representations of portion sizes and how to decipher nutritional labels.

* Here’s 4 great reasons why a low carb diet can help diabetics. Email me if you have some others that can be added to the list.

Here’s a list of the many names sugar can be found under on a product ingredient label.

Reactive Hypoglycemia: what is it, some causes, symptoms and how it’s generally treated.

Check out Freezer Friendly Foods to discover what can be frozen, how to prep it for the freezer and what items should never be frozen.

Recipes: the name says it all. A list of the various recipe categories currently available.


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