Refined Carbs May Trigger Food Addiction – Really?


File this one in the No Duh department. I think many of us have been saying this exact thing for years:

“Consumption of a meal that has a high glycemic index (GI) appears to stimulate key brain regions related to craving and reward, a finding that supports the controversial hypothesis of food addiction, new research suggests.

Investigators from Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts found that compared with consumption of a low-GI meal, a meal high in refined carbohydrates decreased plasma glucose, increased hunger, and selectively stimulated brain regions 4 hours after eating — a critical time point that influences eating behavior at the next meal.

“We think we have shown for the first time that refined carbohydrates’ biological effects can provoke, independent of calories and tastiness, symptoms related to addiction in susceptible people — those who are overweight or obese,” said the study’s principal investigator, David Ludwig, MD, from Boston Children’s Hospital.”

You can read the full story about how refined carbs may trigger food addiction here.

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that the intense cravings set off by certain foods was just in my head. Guess they were right… really is in your head and it stimulates several areas of the brain making you want more!

One Response to Refined Carbs May Trigger Food Addiction – Really?

  1. LOL. Penny you made me laugh. But I feel the same way. I could have told you that! LOL I’m a poster child for food addiction. But seriously it’s so good that the science is being brought out. Our obesity epidemic must be addressed and more science like this will help us gain understanding especially for child obesity. We have to stop feeding our children crap. We are raising food addicts.