Reactive Hypoglycemia

Ah….reactive hypoglycemia (aka RH). The above pictured blood sugar level was obtained by eating a handful of jelly beans. As you can see I did NOT finish eating handful number 2 which contained about 20 or so jelly beans. My sugary enjoyment was cut short when the sweating, blurry vision, heart palpitations and the shakes suddenly kicked in. In the short time it took to hit me I had reached 46 and could have dropped lower before my emergency blood sugar raising procedure had kicked in.

Having reactive hypoglycemia means that watching what I eat is important. Mindless munching, such as those darn jelly beans, can mean suffering the effects of a reaction for several hours. Even when your blood sugar returns to normal the tiredness and general feeling of ick doesn’t instantly go away. Thinking and planning before eating helps to prevent problems.

Does this mean that I have to eat bland food? Or that I never can enjoy a treat? Perhaps make myself crazy following some kind of strange diet involving weird or expensive foods? Not. At. All. If anything, it means that I now eat better than I did just a few short years ago. Sure some of my recipes have been changed and I will probably never have lots of blog posts devoted to sugar filled treats but the food will always be good.

While this post may seem rather random it’s not really. I’ve noticed an increase in people finding my blog through certain key words. I though it might be nice to add a bit more information about reactive hypoglycemia since it is one of the reasons why I choose to eat or avoid certain things. I’ve added a new static page about RH under the resources, tips and tools section. It gives a basic over view of what RH is, some general causes, symptoms that may be experienced and what kind of dietary changes are usually made to treat it.

Sure Twinkies are not on the list of what I can eat but, thankfully, bacon is a go!


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