Podcast Episode 1 – Intro

Hey….it’s my very first podcast!

It’s only taken me approximately 6 days, about 30 cups of coffee, the loss of an untold number of brain cells and about 2 dozen times of throwing my hands in the air while babbling something along the lines of “now what the hell is is this thing doing!” in order to bring this little masterpiece to you.

While it may not be a masterpiece at least it’s a start. This whole podcast thing is a bit harder than I thought it would be. I’ve taught classes and given presentations before but sitting in front of my computer while wearing a headset and talking to myself (while trying not to say Ummm over and over again) is rather strange. Right now I’m teaching myself how to do everything and it’s not an easy task. Things will improve along the way and the shows will get more interesting.

Speaking of shows. Exactly what is this one about?

First a discussion of the word diet. When you hear the word what do you usually think it’s referring to? While the majority of the time people usually use it in reference to some type of weightloss plan I use it to mean something different. Contrary to popular belief there are diets that have nothing to do with losing weight.

Since I was discussing using the term diet for weightloss I figured I would talk about some of the more popular diets that are out there and what I found to be the pros/cons of each when I was on them. Diets I quickly covered included:

– Dietary Guidelines for Americans (previously the food pyramid but now the food plate)

– Standard American Diet (SAD)

– Weight Watchers

– Jenny Craig

– Atkins (yes, it’s not just about bacon – please read the book)

Research based definitions of various types of low carb diets (see the practical considerations and recommendations – definitions section)

– South Beach

– traditional foods/Weston A Price

– paleo/primal

– my own lower carb modified paleo/primal diet

What diet do you follow to help you improve your health and why?


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