Nutritional News In A Flash

I recently signed up for a Twitter account and invite you to follow me.

Many times I come across interesting nutritional related stories, websites, blogs, products, etc and attempt to save them to post to the blog. Of course I never get around to it because of school work overload. Instead of saving these things for a rainy day (that just never seems to come) I will be sending them out through Twitter. It’s the perfect format to fire off quick links to things that might be of interest.

There will be a few new changes in the near future. I’m on a three week count down until the end of the semester. Things will lighten up after that. Only 2 semesters (3 classes each) instead of the current 4 class load. Counting the days till graduation in December 2013……unless the world ends according to Mayan prophecy on December 21st. At least that would get me out of having to take one of the four finals for that week. 🙂



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