Looking For Great iPhone Apps

After several years of having a plain old cellphone with only texting as an added options I’ve just upgraded to a smartphone. It actually wasn’t by choice but by necessity. I’ve been stuck multiple times since I lack the ability to get email through my phone. Evidently, when everyone else has it, your just expected to have a phone that does a zillion things as well.  I’ve shown up for cancelled classes since I didn’t get the email saying it was cancelled. There was the time that the classroom was changed to a different room and I was standing there wondering why no one else was around. Didn’t get that email either.

Since my contract was up I upgraded to an iPhone4.


Yes, it’s not the most current model. Hey, I’m a struggling student who is rasing a family on a drastically reduced budget. When they said the iPhone4 was free or I could pay $150 for the iPhone5 I went with the 4. Free is for me!

These phones certainly earn the title of smartphone. I’m amazed at the things they can do and the health/food related possibilities.

The first thing I thought of was how much easier doing a 24 hour food recall with a patient would be if they could just simply show you pictures they have taken of all the items the ate in the last 24 hours. It would reduce the number of items forgotten. Even better is actually being able to see the serving size that was eaten. It would also help when it comes to counseling people on picking better options. What if a client wanted to figure out some better choices they could make when purchasing items from a work cafeteria or even a vending machine on the days they didn’t bring lunch or a snack? A few pictures could easily show what food options are available and the discussion would be so much easier!

So now that I’ve been forced to embrace this technology I’m going to put it to work and see what other helpful food and health related apps are available. Do you currently use any food or health related apps? I’m especially interested in meal planning apps. If you have some favorites leave a comment below and tell me which ones you like. Or even which ones you didn’t like.

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