Welcome to Remake My Plate!

Where I plan to blog as well as podcast about various aspects of food, health and nutrition. I’ve spent a good part of my life attempting to follow just about every diet plan out there in order to maintain a healthy weight. Like the majority of others who have done the same I always failed. As time went by I started to realize several things:

– Dieting isn’t something you suffer through for a period of time to reach a certain number on the scale and then you can go back to eating “the good stuff”

– Dieting is short term. Changing what you eat and the way you eat it is for the long haul

– No one “diet” or “diet” guru has all the answers because everyone is different and their health, circumstances and needs are different

– Not everyone is looking to make the same changes in their life and there’s nothing wrong with that

– Small changes made on a regular basis leads to better health

– If at first you don’t succeed try something different. Repeating something that hasn’t worked and expecting different results isn’t very smart

– The internet provides you with an opportunity to connect to others who are on the same path. Just because those you connect with seem to be successful at the moment, while you happen to be struggling, doesn’t mean that you are a failure. It simply means that they have found what works for them.

– Everyone has something that can contribute to your success but only you can discover what works for you

I know. It may sound like all sunshine and rainbows and cute fuzzy bunnies but it’s the truth. My goal with this blog and the future podcast is to show is to toss out lots of ideas, information, recipes, etc to help change the way you eat. One plate at a time. More blog posts and podcasts are on their way. Until then, if you’d like to contact me please email me at I’d love to hear your thoughts, stories, tips, tricks, recipes and ideas on how you improved your own health.


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