Freezing Herbs

Have you bought fresh herbs lately from your local grocery store or farmers market? They cost a small fortune for a little tied up bundle. Most of the time you don’t end up using all of the bunch in a recipe.  The rest seems to just sit around until it goes bad and then is either tossed in the garbage or added to a compost pile.

Instead of leaving the remaining herbs behind in your refrigerator until they turn into a soupy green puddle in the produce draw why not freeze them! Sure, if you have a dehydrator, you can go that route and create your own dried herbs. But, if you haven’t noticed, I’m more of a store it in the freezer person.

How to freeze fresh herbs

Start by washing your herbs to remove any debris that’s on them. They can be spun in a salad spinner to remove excess water or you can pat them dry with a dish towel.

Separate the leaves from the stems. Spread the leaves out on a cookie sheet and place in the freezer for a few hours. In the picture below I had only a small amount of cilantro and rosemary so I put them on the same pan.

Wait several hours or even until the next day. The reason for freezing them like this is to keep them from forming one huge herb-sicle. No one wants to spend time chipping away at a solidified herb rock to get what they need. Remove the herbs, place in a bag and label.  Now, when I want herbs, I can go into the freezer bag to easily get what I need.

Another method is to chop the herbs and mix with a bit of olive oil. You can spoon the herb/oil mixture into ice cube trays (1-2 teaspoons per cube) and freeze them. Once frozen, remove from the trays and bag. When you need some herbs simply remove a cube and add to your recipe.

Got a favorite method for saving herbs? Share it in the comment section below.

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