Food Apathy……When Food Holds No Appeal

I don’t really feel like eating!

bored cat

I’ve currently got a growing stack of recipes on my desk.

There’s also the latest issue of the Food Network magazine sitting there as well.

The holidays have passed and school has been over for several weeks which means I’ve got lots of time on my hands to do some cooking and lots of new recipes I’d like to try.

There’s just one problem. All thoughts of food have me feeling…..blah!

The recipes sound like they would be delicious but, once I start to think about it, nothing really seems like it would be good. It seems my rearranged guts have been having a private conversation with my head.  The final outcome of this chat is, once I start to think about eating the food, nothing sounds that appealing and I don’t really care what I eat. Welcome to food apathy!

You may have never heard of the term before but you’ve probably experienced it at some point after having weight loss surgery.  It’s that feeling where food, including things we previously enjoyed, suddenly loses all of it’s charm. Nothing looks good or even tastes good. You can’t think of anything you might like to eat. If you do start eating you may suddenly feel full after a few bites and give up eating.

For me there seems to be several triggers for food apathy:

– Being stressed out or having insomnia.

– Eating the same things over and over again.

– Having an episode of dumping or a low blood sugar reaction.

– Getting that “stuck” feeling after eating something.

One might think having food apathy would be a wonderful problem to have right? Just imagine the weight loss potential because you’re not eating! A few days of this might be fine but problems can start if it drags on for a longer period of time. I’ve noticed that as time goes on it becomes easier to pass on eating enough protein for the day. Not wanting to eat ends up affecting the types of food I eat and the meals I make. It’s easier to grab a premade, boxed, canned or frozen meal instead of making something. This often means that the meal will be high in carbs and low in both protein and vegetables which can then create problems with RH. Returning to old snacking habits also becomes a problem. I don’t know about anyone else but, even when nothing looks good, it’s always easy to eat a handful of crackers simply to say you ate something.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been trying

– Deal with the sources of stress and insomnia…..easier said than done but that’s a work in progress

– Focus on getting in my protein and vegetables first. This might mean taking a few bites and then returning for more a short time later. While we are told that grazing is bad it’s not the same when I’m grazing on meat and veggies. Carbs are a whole different story and I could easily eat a few crackers every time I passed the box all day long if I didn’t pay attention. Can’t say the same thing for chicken, beef or salad greens.

– Mix up the food textures. While I love soup I find that eating food that has the same texture over and over again doesn’t help with the situation.

– Make something new even if it doesn’t seem appealing right now. My hope is that by adding in something new I will pull myself out of the food rut I’m in.

How about you? Surely I can’t be the only one who goes through this. Ever have this happen to you? What did you do to get out of that blah feeling about food? Why not leave a comment below and share some of things that you did to help with your own food apathy.

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