Farmer’s Market Season About To Begin

farmers market

For the past couple of years I’ve been visiting the Braintree Farmer’s Market. This year’s market season will begin the weekend of June 15th. I can’t wait for it to open!

If you had asked me about going to a farmer’s market in the years before I had WLS I would have laughed. Vegetables were the enemy and a sure sign that you were depriving yourself in order to lose a few pounds. In the years following surgery I discovered that my sense of taste changed. Things that I always found bland and tasteless (vegetables) suddenly started tasting good. My own personal theory on this is that years of eating highly processed foods dulled my sense of taste. I was so accustomed to eating stuff that wasn’t really food or was nothing but sugary junk that I didn’t know what real food tasted like. Once I was no longer eating this stuff on a regular basis vegetables suddenly began to take on different flavors. I know it sounds strange. It’s sort of like once you’ve become use to drinking diet soda and someone gives you a regular sugar filled soda you can’t believe how incredibly sweet it tastes.

The taste of the vegetables and fruits is the main reason I like to go to the market. Some people do it for the organic vegetables. This market does have some but not every local farmer is organic and I’m OK with that. I like to shop there because the vegetables are so much more flavorful. It’s the difference between grocery store tomatoes and one fresh off the vine. If you have never tasted the difference between the two I would highly suggest you find someone growing tomatoes and try them out. Though this might ruin your future grocery store tomato shopping experience because you will realize that you’re missing something when you buy the tasteless store ones.

Another reason I love to go to the market is it helps support local farmers. Sure the local grocery stores might buy from local farms or farms that are a state or two away. When they do buy from them they pay the farmer far less than what they are able to get selling directly to the customer. Personally I’d rather the people who are putting in all the time and work get the bigger share. Buying local keeps the money in the hands of local families and helps to build the local economy. As someone who has now had to deal with serious pay cuts from two layoffs in the last two years I’m all for building up the local economy.

An added bonus you get from shopping at a farmer’s market is you can talk directly to the farmer. Often times these smaller farms are growing unusual varieties or vegetables/fruits you have never heard of before. They usually can offer you tips on what to make or how to prepare the produce your buying. I can’t wait to see what new things will show up at the market this year.

If you have the chance to check out a local farmer’s market give it a shot. You will probably be surprised at what you find. Looking for a farmers market near you? Go to Local Harvest – plug your zip code in and discover what markets can be found in your area.

Here’s a few tips for your farmer’s market shopping experience:

– Bring your own bags. Some of the farmers may have plastic bags available but it’s always better to recycle your own.

– Have small bills and some change. I don’t just show up with a few $20′s.

– Go early if you want the best selection.

– Go later if you want to pick up some good deals. No one wants to carry home fruits/veggies after they’ve been sitting outside all afternoon.

– If your buying meat, eggs, cheese, etc then keep a cooler and some ice packs in the car.

– Local farmers often grown veggies and fruits you don’t normally see in the local grocery store. Ask the farmers about anything you don’t recognize. They also can usually tell you how to cook or prepare the item too.



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