Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery Book Review

If you thought that cooking meals after weight loss surgery had to be boring then this book will change your mind. While some recipes fall under what I would call comfort type foods many others are what you would expect to find served at a fine dinning restaurant.

The book begins with a small section on hints for preparing, cooking and eating. There is nothing here that most likely wasn’t covered by your doctor or nutritionist before surgery. This is followed by a section on stocking your pantry and refrigerator. The ingredients listed here are the ones that are found in the recipes which is helpful in keeping items on hand to quickly pull together a meal.

The chapters with the recipes are broken down in a logical order by meal type: breakfast, soup, vegetables, main course, etc. Each recipe includes nutritional information for each serving. It also includes a breakdown of how much would be considered a serving for each type of weight loss surgery. Some of the recipes sound like they would be fussy and time consuming to make but a quick look at the directions reveals that they are quite easy.

The main course section is broken down by protein type. The one surprising thing that I have not seen in other books is the wide variety of proteins used to create meals. You will find the usual chicken, turkey, pork and beef meals but there is also veal, lamb, tofu and a variety of seafood such as swordfish, mussels and catfish.

The book finishes with chapters featuring a variety of desserts as well as sweet and savory sauces. The addition of sauce recipes is a big help immediately after surgery when it seems like every type of protein feels too dry or coarse to swallow. A nice sauce not only adds additional flavor but helps you get in the protein that is needed. Each sauce recipe includes hints such as if the sauce would make a great base for pureed meals. There are also serving suggestions telling you which recipes in the book would go great with that particular sauce.

If your a simple meat and potatoes kind of person this cookbook may or may not work for you. The recipes may be a bit too different than what you and your family are familiar with eating. On the other hand, this book might help to expand your horizons. I think you would be surprised at the many new things you’ll start to enjoy since having weight loss surgery. If you already love to cook then this book will be a welcome addition to your cookbook collection.

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