Discovering Life After Weight Loss Surgery

We set off this weekend for our annual family vacation. Several years back we discovered a great place to go white water rafting. We have gone every year for the past 5 years. As the kids get older we have moved up through the different class of rapids. If you ever have the opportunity I highly suggest you give it a try.


No…it’s not me rafting.

I remember the first trip we took. It was several years after my weight loss and I still didn’t grasp how much I had changed. I worried that they would not have a life jacket that fit (you are fitted at the site for one that belongs to the rafting company). I was worried I wouldn’t be able to climb in and out of the boat. I was worried that I wouldn’t tire quickly and not be able to keep up with the paddling pace. Even worse, my ultimate fear was I would fall out of the boat and no one would be able to help lift me back in. I almost cancelled the trip.

In the end we went and I was surprised to find that everything I feared did not come true. They had life jackets that fit. I actually wear a medium. I could easily climb in and out of the boats and paddled the entire three hour trip without being tired.

As for my biggest fear…..falling out of the boat. It actually happened but the ending was nothing like I had expected. At the end of the trip, where the water is calmer, the guides do different tricks with the boats. One of them is called a wheelie. They basically pile all the people at the back of the boat and then use a rope to life the entire front of the boat out of the water. Sort of like a person on a bicycle popping up on one wheel. If everything goes as planned you can hold that position for a while. If things go wrong the boat tips over spilling everyone out into the water. Our boat tipped and then we had to all be pulled by our life jackets back into the boat. When my turn came I began to panic. I know the fear of being embarrassed when your weight interferes with something like this. I could only imagine the guide struggling to pull me in and then needing to ask for assistance from someone else to help. I did as I was told and moved to the side of the boat then held my breath as the guide reached over, grasped the straps of the life jacket and…..yanked me up and over the side of the boat so fast I yelled out in surprise.

When I weighed almost 300 lbs I avoided so many things in life. Now I’m out there and actively participating in discovering all the things I passed on due to my weight. This trip each year really makes me remember how much has changed.

How about you? What things have you discovered that you now enjoy since having weight loss surgery? What did you avoid before surgery that you now do?

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