Coping With Unwanted Feedback – How To Deal With The Food Police and Food Pushers

As part of a class project I had to record a podcast that was relevant to my blog topic. I choose to do a short podcast on dealing with people I refer to as the food police and food pushers. Helpful information especially around this time of the year when they come out in full force to check out what you’re putting on your plate during the holidays.


It took a couple of shots to record this. First I had to have a planned script so I could include a transcript of the recording. Only problem with that is reading directly from a script is a bit harder than it seems unless you want to sound, well, like your reading from a script. I noticed that I sometimes added things in that weren’t in the script because it felt more like I was talking to someone and less like I was reading to them. Which ultimately means that I paused for a few seconds here and there while I found my place in the script. And hey, where in the world did I end up pulling the 135 lb weight loss from? No clue. I’ve lost and maintained 130 lbs yet for some reason I said 135.

The transcript of the originally planned material is being posted in it’s own blog post. If you don’t want to listen to the recording then check out the blog post. While your there why not leave a comment about how you’ve personally handled either the food police or food pushers that are in your life.

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