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Product Review – Flatout Flatbread

Bread. In all of it’s many forms. Ask 10 post op WLSers about bread (do you eat it? should you eat it?) and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. Immediately after surgery and for the first 6 to 9 months eating bread will take up what little space you have in your stomach. You need this space for more important things such as protein and vegetables (fiber, antioxidants, minerals yay!). Bread might go down easy […] read more

Happy 11th Surgiversary!

On the morning of October 5, 2004 I did something that changed my life…..I had gastric bypass surgery. After having spent the majority of my life battling to lose weight, and after fighting with my health insurance company as they constantly change their approval criteria, I set off for the hospital to have surgery. That day was my youngest daughter’s birthday (she turned 3 that day) and my mother told me if anything were to […] read more

Time Saving Tuesday (TST) 3

Join me for the (mostly) weekly Time Saving Tuesday tip. As a single mother with three daughters, a house, cats and a job working close to 50 hours a week, the only way I can keep up my wonder woman persona is to find things that save me time. This can be a good thing when it comes to not slipping back into former habits that contributed to hurting my health.  Over the years I’ve […] read more

Can You Drink Soda After Weight Loss Surgery?

I love the internet. It’s an incredible source of shared knowledge. Of course, sometimes that knowledge is flawed and then the internet because a source of passing along myths. I’m going to point out one of these myths that never seems to die thanks to the internet. I know many won’t believe it because it’s been around for so long but here it is…… Drinking soda will NOT stretch your pouch. There. I’ve said it […] read more

Tips For Eating Out After WLS

There comes a time in every post bariatric person’s life when they will eat out at a restaurant, fast food joint or bring home some type of take out meal. Depending upon the type of restaurant and food being served there are lots of things you can do to make this work without running into problems like dumping, RH episodes or just plain old overeating. Over the past 11 years I’ve tried lots of things […] read more

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