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Weight Loss Surgery Book Reviews

It’s hard to believe that I have nothing school related to do until my summer class begins in July. Rather than sit around when I’m not working and watch TV I thought I might finally have a chance to check out the growing number of weight loss surgery related books that are currently on the market. Two days after I had sent in my inter-library loan request I received an email telling me a book […] read more

Product Review: Black Bean Hummus by Eat Well Enjoy Life

Eat Well Enjoy Life’s product moto is “You will never look at hummus the same way again” and they certainly are right. I happened upon their sweet and spicy black bean hummus at my local BJ’s wholesale club. I usually pick up a container of red pepper hummus made with the traditional chickpeas and tahini combination. I happened to spy the black bean hummus in the display and thought I’d give it a try. This […] read more

How Many Carbs In Splenda?

Many of the low carb sugar substitutes out there claim to contain zero carbs. According to U.S. labeling laws,  if it contains less than 5 calories per serving the product can be labeled as containing zero or no calories? It’s true. So if you decide to use something other than sugar in your baking or cooking it’s best to check on how many carbs it REALLY contains. One small packet in a cup of coffee […] read more

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