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Mission Accomplished….I’m A Registered Dietitian!

Six years ago I returned to school. I was on a mission to get my degree in nutrition and become a registered dietitian. There’s been a whole lot of changes that have gone on over the last six years and I remained focused through them all. The above picture is from graduation day this past May. I not only completed my degree (graduated Cum Laude as well) but also finished my year long dietetic internship. […] read more

Cilantro Chicken Burgers

I found several packages of ground chicken on sale and brought them home. My hope was to duplicate a cilantro chicken pattie that I had purchased from Trader Joe’s a while back. They were great and I loved having something protein packed that I could quickly make. While they may not taste exactly like the ones from TJ’s they are still quite good. Cilantro Chicken Burgers   Print Cilantro Chicken Burgers Author: Penny @ Remake My […] read more

Discovering Life After Weight Loss Surgery

We set off this weekend for our annual family vacation. Several years back we discovered a great place to go white water rafting. We have gone every year for the past 5 years. As the kids get older we have moved up through the different class of rapids. If you ever have the opportunity I highly suggest you give it a try. I remember the first trip we took. It was several years after my […] read more

Google Reader Is Going Away But I Hope You’ll Stay

If you’re using Google Reader, you need to make a switch! Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1st. If you make the transfer to another reader then you can transfer all your current blogs you subscribe to through Google Reader. After that date you won’t be able to transfer them. I switched to Feedly. Check out this link from Google for more information as well as directions to download your reader data. I […] read more

Vegetable Hash

It seems the price of vegetables is going through the roof these days. One way to save money is to stop throwing out food. When small amounts of vegetables are leftover from different meals one way to use them up is to freeze them for use in a future batch of vegetable soup. If I find I have a larger amount of one type of vegetable making a family sized frittata. If there are only […] read more

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