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Hi there! I’m Penny…..welcome to my blog.

After many years of working as a nurse I decided to return to school to pursue another passion of mine….nutrition. In May of 2015 I graduated with a degree in nutrition after finish classes and a year long internship. I passed my boards to become a registered dietitian. Since that time, as soon as someone finds out I’m a dietitian, I get asked questions about food, nutrition and diets. The most popular question is can you give me a meal plan? One of the most important lessons I have learned is there is no one right way to eat healthy. There is no one right diet for every single person to follow. Each person has a different lifestyle that they are trying to live while attempting to eat better. A dietitian’s job is to find out about you, your health challenges and then help you learn how to make changes that will fit your life so you can reach your goals….whatever they may be.  It may not be an overnight thing. But it can be done by simply changing what goes on your plate one meal at a time.

After blogging for several years on a variety of health and nutrition related topics I realized that I was directing people back to other blog sites. There are soooo many great food and nutrition blogs out there that I was pointing people to that I decided to start posting about some of these sites. Here you will find lots of lists and links to sites that will help you find new recipes for yourself and your family, tips on nutrition, cooking and so much more.

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  1. I have just recently started a blog about my low carb cooking and are of course looking for other blogs in that same area.
    The more I read and the more stories I take part off, the more I see that we all share similar stories.
    Weight gain, depression, dieting, self doubt and body harming. It is so sad.
    I too have dieted my weight up and up. I’ve tried them all and only got fatter and fatter.
    I have now been on a low carb lifestyle the last 8 years or so, but it’s only the last year I’ve been very strict and it was only recently I realized that I am semi-paleo as well.
    I still have weight that needs to come off, but I’m not in a hurry. I guess age does that 🙂 Health is more important.
    I love the way you say how you can change your life one plate at a time. And that is whats it all about.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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