2012 Farmer’s Market Week 1

I actually missed the opening week of this years farmer’s market in Braintree so this will have to be my first update.  Seems like there are a few less actual produce vendors and several new finished food vendors this year. I don’t know if it is because some farms don’t have crops ready yet or if some of the ones who travelled here from further away found a closer location to sell. Either way it is nice to see the variety of goods available and the number of people who have come out to this years market. Better to support locally produced goods then give my money to faceless, nameless corporations.

Here’s this weeks goodies:

One bag of baby Red Russian Kale (5.5 oz for $3.50)

One bag of mixed baby salad greens (5.5 oz for $4.00)

Both of the salad greens came from Second Nature Farm

Two bags of beef soup bones (field raised, hormone and antibiotic free beef) from J. H. Beaulieu Livestock and Produce Farm (8lbs for $16)

There was a smaller number of farmers there this year but they had a decent variety of cooler weather crops….lettuce, onions, garlic, some squash and zucchini. Someone had greenhouse tomatoes and cukes available. I’m working with a limited budget this year (only 1 of us working full time) so I’m trying to maximize my purchases. Lettuce and Kale are usually highly pesticide sprayed crops when grown conventionally so it’s good to purchase those organically whenever possible. Plus the baby varieties are always extra tastey in my opinion.

Again, due to a limited budget, purchasing grass fed beef is a bit out of our reach. But soup bones are economical. 8 lbs of bones will easily make several gallons of broth which can then be used in lots of soups and other meals.

I went in on a purchase of compost tea starter. A friend of mine is going to make the stuff so we can use it on our gardens and compost piles. It says that it can also be sprayed directly on plants as a natural herbicide. Guess we’ll see how that works out.

I passed on some of the most delicious looking cranberry ginger bread. There were also vendors selling a variety of sweet treats (cupcakes, cookies, granola, etc), fresh cheese, sandwiches, Greek food and some other things I don’t even remember. It will be interesting to see what new things show up as the season goes on.

Got a farmer’s market in your area? What are they offering this year?

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